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    Using Jumpeye Component in Flex

    juliemw Level 1

      has anyone successfully used Jumpeye's Drop Down Tree Menu Component V3 in Flex 3? It's a great component to use in flash, the submenus open and close on rollover/rollout (something I have not been able to acheive with the Flex menubar). I used the flex component kit to export the Jumpeye component from flash and imported the swc into flex builder (I also imported the relevant classes etc, inc faking an instance of mx.core.UIComponent(as per a document I found on afcomponent's site). It works great on a simple level (i.e. using defaults) but fails when I try to set any style properties (these are done via an xml file with tags predefined by Jumpeye in the component shim). I'm pretty new to Flex and am obviously doing something very wrong, however, Jumpeye were not able to help me as their focus is flash, although they commented that clients of theirs have used the component successfully within Flex.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.