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    Can anyone help me to record audio for my slides!


      My microphone work fine unit I try to record something in Captivate. I use sound recorder and records all my sounds. But when I try to calibrate my microphone to Captivate it won’t pick up any sound. I have a PC headset with a microphone. It was made by Logitech.

      C-Media AC97 is my Audio Device.

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          Hi rjtr6989 and welcome to the community

          Is this microphone a USB? If so, this forum is littered with posts where odd behavior is observed with these types of devices. For some reason, other applications read the mike just fine, while Captivate won't recognize it. Additionally, we see posts where Captivate reads the mike fine one day, but fails the next. Go figure. Hopefully version 2 will correct this behavior. But we just don't know until we see it in use.

          Also, what is your sound card? If it's RealTek, there is a known issue with Captivate not working with these. No workaround I'm aware of.

          Your best bet is to acquire a headset microphone with dual connectors. The little round pin connectors that plug into the audio mic and speaker ports.

          Cheers... Rick
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            I have just downloaded the trial version of Captivate 3. I am having the same issue. Each Time I want to record narration, the Audio Device keeps defaulting to Microphone, when I previously selected the INTERNAL MIC. This results in White Noise as there is NO MICROPHONE, only an internal. When I DO HAVE A MIC connected, then the program defaults to LINE IN!!! Please help.