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    How can I determine if certain footage is interlaced or progressive?


      Hi everyone,


      I shoot and edit my own ski/snowboard films every year. I use a Sony HDV V1U. When filming, I constantly switch between 30p and 60i depending on the shots. I do this because 60i can provide smoother slow motion in post. Problem is, when I am editing the footage, it is extremely difficult to tell what's progressive and what's interlaced. My computer monitor, like all, is progressive, so interlaced footage looks just like 30p. One way I can tell is by adjusting the clips speed to slow motion, then judging by how Premiere handles the frame blending, I know what it is. But that is not practical for a massive project. A simple solution would be preveiwing on an external monitor, but from what I have read you cannot stream HDV back to a camera from the timeline, and I do not have money for a special capture card.


      So my question is, is there any way to playback HDV on an external monitor (my TV or camera LCD) without a special capture card, or is there another easy way to determine 60i from 30p on Premiere's timeline? Thanks.


      Here's my specs:


      Premiere Pro CS3

      Sony HDV V1U camcorder

      Windows vista 64bit

      Intel quad CPU Q9550 2.83 GHz

      8 GB ram

      Nvidia GTX 260 graphics card