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    Copying a video project from CS3 on the PC to CS3 on a Mac

      I am collaborating on a project with a colleague.
      He has Premiere Pro CS3 on his PC and we want to put the raw Premiere file he has worked on on an external hard drive and open it on the same version (Premiere Pro CS3) on my Mac so I can do some edits to it as well. Is this possible? How do we reconcile the .avi and .mov issue? How best to copy the files so PP can find them (or ask me to locate them)? We could use an answer as soon as possible. Thank you!!
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In general terms, it should not be an issue. I work on Mac Projects all of the time on my PC.


          Now, two things to think of:


          1.) unless this has changed, the Mac will only see a FAT-32 formatted HDD, not an NTSF. This limits you on file size to ~ 4.GB. With a program like Mac Drive (might not even be needed with most newer PC's), the PC can handle a Mac formatted external.


          2.) I have no issue using .MOV's with the Animation CODEC on my PC. I'd probably convert all AVI's to that, to work on the Mac (boy, I hate typing that blasphemy, but I'll get over it). If I understand correctly, CS4.1 with the latest QT (Pro?), will now handle the ProRez Apple COCEC's. There is a recent thread that makes mention of this.


          After you do the setup, you should be good to go. Now, I have only gone one way - Mac to PC, so I could well be missing something.


          Good luck,