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    Files Missing for creating project for custom web login

    Sam Stickler Level 1



      We want to create a custom web login for Workspace as per the Adobe documentation but have found in two LC 8.2 installs that the following files do not exist or are not where Adobe says they are;




      The first two are the most important.  Anyone have access to the following files or know another place we should look?



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          Dieter Dubai Level 1



          I did not check it but it says also that the source files are part of the SDK, did you check it there ?




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            GilbertYu Level 2

            The fds.swc file should be located in the LiveCycle version of the Flex SDK. You can get that version of the SDK from your DVD under livecycle_dataservices folder. The file you are looking for is called flex_sdk_3.zip. All the localization files you require are also in the LiveCycle version of the SDK. Even though the name of the file seems to imply that it is a vanilla version of Flex SDK 3, it is not. Please refer to page 18 of the Customizing the LiveCylcle Workspace ES User Interface guide at http://www.adobe.com/go/learn_lc_customizeWorkspace_82.


            The workspace resource bundles (workspace_rb_*.swc) and workspace-theme.swf (It is a SWF file) are created when you compile the theme. You need to compile the Workspace source code to generate those. You can get them from extracting the adobe-workspace-client.ear file and then extracting the adobe-workspace-client.war file for the locale you want.


            If memory serves me correctly, there is no longer a toast SWC in 8.2 Update 1. I'm not 100% certain for 8.2 as I do not have a build to compare to. Sorry but you should be able to get those files as well from extracting it from the workspace EAR and respective WAR file.


            Hope that helps.