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    Unable to download purchased e-book




      I hope somebody can help me with the following problem. First some background notes:


      I downloaded yesterday Adobe Digital Editions ( on my mac. I downloaded a few ebooks from the adobe sample ebook library to look  if it worked. When I downloaded for an example the ebook "Alice in wonderland" the ebook was automatically downloaded in Digital Editions. When I tried to download for an example "my antonia" i got an pop-up with the question: "do you want to open the file in Digital Editions?" or "do you want to save the file on your pc?". When I clicked on "do you want to open the file in Digital Editions?" nothing happened. Also when I saved the file on the pc, I then tried to open it, it did not work. I could not import the file in Digital Editions.


      I also got the message from Digital Editions:

      Communicatieprobleem met server: E_ADEPT_DATABASE


      I really want to read an ebook for my study as quick as I can, so I purchased an study-ebook on the web. I thougt, unfortunately, the download will hopefully work out. But it didn't. I got the same problem, described above.


      Can anybody (as quick as possible, because I really have to read the book) help me with this problem. How can I get the file into Digital Editions?


      Thank you in advance,



      The Netherlands