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    color error message when opening a photoshop file in Illustrator

    jrough Level 1

      I have a photo of the airport, with blue sky etc.  I would like to make it all one color as a background image.  I want the background of the photo to be light orange wit the building to be darker orange.  Is there a way to do that in Illustrator?  To try out different colors foreground and background or do I have to do it in Photoshop?  How do I fill all the colors in the photo to just the two colors?  This photo is untouched.


      I also have a photo that has photoshop effects.  When I open it in Illustrator I get an error message.  It says "the document's embedded color profile does not match the current CMYK working space.  The current CMYK color management policy is to discard profiels that do not match the working space.


      I have the start of a web page in my working space.  With this photo I think I am opening it in a separate page but it won't let me.  I probably will use the untouched photo but I'm curious why its giving me the message.  My workspace should be in RGB web safe colors.  Is that why it won't let me open the CMYK photoshop file?   I guess it has non-web safe colors but my thought was to change it to all web safe colors but maybe that is way too hard in Illustrator?


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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          You can color a grayscale tiff in Illustrator by simply selecting it then selecting a color you want.


          I would think if these are two spot colors and you really want two different oranges you would want to clip the building either in
          Photoshop or Illustrator and place it on top of one another.


          I would normally say do a duo tone but that would mix the two colors.


          So this is how i would go about it in Illustrator


          1. Import the image as a grayscale tiff or import it and convert it to a grayscale by going to Edit>Edit Colors>Convert to Grayscale


          2. then select the background color.


          3. then copy the image and paste in front Command C and then Command F and select the darker orange color


          4. with the pen tool create an a path that is the shape of the building exactly. Make sure it is a closed path.


          5. then select the path and the top image the one you paste in front.


          6. then go to Object>Clipping Path>Make


          7 I would then group the two


          with this method you have to good with the pen tool, but that is true of Illustrator in general.


          now with the CMYK image it is allowing you to place it but is simply warning you of the conversion taking place.


          What you should do is select in your Photoshop and Illustrator color settings to sRGB since this is probably the space you want.

          and convert the CMYK into a RGB file which is what you should have done in the first place.



          So open it i Photoshop convert to sRGB and  replace it in Illustrator.


          All should be fine.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            What are you talking about exactly? Do you need to design a web page or a print document? For a web page, RGB is way to go. You do not need to worry about "web-safe" color - we live in a age of true color monitors/ screens even on mobile phones, so any color you use should be displayed correctly. just remeber to check your pixel preview from time to time to avoid unpleasent surprises wit hantialaising or placment of obkjects once you export stuff from AI... For the rest, follow Wade's tips.



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              jrough Level 1

              I am doing a web page.  Are you saying I don't have to check only web colors in the color picker?