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    flex/cold fusion wizard & Visual Query builder has a problem


      has anybody tried the cold fusion / flex application wizard in flex 3?


      to get there follow these menu choices:

      file     new     other     cold fusion wizards     coldfusion / flex application wizard


      I previously installed cf8 and the rds query viewer works fine.


      i simply choose from the following menus:

      window     other views...     Cold Fusion     RDS dataview


      i was initially prompted for the rds password which i entered.

      in the RDS Dataview, I can see the tables, columns, and data for all my existing datasources.


      Unfortunately, when I use the COld Fusion/Flex application wizard,

      I get to the page layout and design screen, add a page with the name artists, choose page type master,  and click the Edit master page button.


      Nothing happens when I click the Edit Master Page button.  I followed the cf/flex tutorial exactly but there is no query builder.


      I dont know if this is related but in the RDS query viewer, the Visual Query BUilder doesn't work.


      I think this may be the problem (the visual query builder has a problem)


      Unfortunately, how do I fix this problem