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    Two issues...1. Premeire using too much memory, 2. not finding burner... HELP!




      I have a (m8000n / just google search that model number to see all the specs and replace 2gb memory with 4gb - what I have now) HP media center computer...it's only a dual core 2.6 ghz....I've updated my memory from 2gb to 4gb and was able to make a video using my Hitachi Hybrid camcorder along with stills for a nice slide show at the end of it...the Hitachi video is not HD...they are in MPEG format.


      Then I got the FLIP Ultra HD Camcorder...great for moments with the kids...I dropped some of that video into Premiere 7 and all of a sudden I get the error messages that the system is running low on memory and to save and be cautious and then on top of that error I get the burner not initialized or not finding the burner....HELP!!!  Is my computer just that bad that it can't handle the HD...I guess the quad core and 3.0 ghz is what I would need for this video??? Is that my issue...the type of video I'm trying to use?


      UGH...so frustrated at this point...should I get another video editor or can I get my computer back on track to use Premiere 7?  I can edit for a while prior to shutdown at times and other times it shuts down right away....


      Thanks for the time all..I'll check back tomorrow for any assistance that you all can provide....also has anyone tried out the Magix Movie Edit 15 plus???  Like I said though I'm all for Premiere...I loved 3.0 and enjoyed 7.0 until it started acting up.

      Thanks again