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    Swiff Loader

    hitesh.rawat Level 1

      Hello All,


      I have a assignment in hand that too in flex. I'm not familier with flex and searching information about the same.

      It application requires to load different swiff files according to the user's input like selecting a title from a link button list. Also the swiff files will be static, i mean we aren't loading it from anyother web server. It will be picking the files from the local system for which the path will be predefined.


      So the question is, while reading about the same, i came to know that if we use embeded sources for the swiff files then we can not have an interactive application. I mean we won't be able to interact with the swiff files and i wanted to provide a play/stop/pause/resume button for the swiff file that will be playing at an instance of time.


      So is there a work around this?? or let me know if i have got it wrong.................