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    Moving Photos? Better Way?

    Allen Gambrell Level 1

      I have written a plugin that will move the selected photos in a lightroom catalog to named folders (using the title data from the photos).


      Why? I have alot a portaits that I have shot and they are all in one folder. I need to seperate them out by subject. So I have put the subjects name in the title field using another plugin and data from a barcode reader. I have around 1000 subjects that need to go into there own folder. In the past we have spent hours mainly moving them but now that i have the metadata I was thinking there had to be a quicker why. So I wrote this plugin.


      What I am doing now is using the LrFileUtils.move to move the photo and xmp file to the new folder (while creating it based off the title of the photo). Then I use the catalog:addPhoto to reimport the photo back into LR. This is working but it could be better. I do have a few issues. The old photos appear as missing in the catalog after the move and i have to sync to remove them. Also in doing this I lose all data not stored in the xmp file including virtual copies.


      What I was wondering is if there is a better way. I could not find any function to move photos around while in the catalog while still remaining the link in the catalog. Was I just missing something. If not this is something that needs to be added to the SDK.

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Like asking the way to the top of the mountain and being told you shouldn't start from here.... Why not use collections, dumb or smart, or even keywords to categorise your pictures rather than spend time moving them around into real folders? Another idea might be to write a plug-in with a custom metadata field for "people" and then use smart collections to build standing "folders".


          But to answer your question directly, no, I can't think of an alternative to the way you're going about it.



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            escouten Adobe Employee

            John is correct; there's no such method in the SDK. We'll consider it for a future release, but I can't make any promises about it being in the next release.

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              Allen Gambrell Level 1

              The problem with the collections is that the images need to be able to be accessed outside of lightroom. I also use programs like ProSelect for sales and it has to access a folder with the images in it.


              Also we are working with 4 workstations and the files other people need to be able to find the files without lightroom. This would be ok if LR supported network catalogs, but thats another story.


              Anyway thanks for the help, I will look forward to a function to move photos in a catalog (make sure that it also moves the virtual copy to).