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    Run Project & Export to Swf both stopped working


      I have used Flash Catalyst to put together some graphics for an interaction design (thus it's graphic heavy - not code heavy).


      I "Ran Project" about 10-15 times, then it crashed, then I opened it up and named it something different when I recovered it. I think it suggested I call it "Null" - so I renamed in "bw2." (Where bw was the original file name.)


      After doing this, I "Ran Project" again, and it was fine. Finally, about about 10-15 mintues of editing, I tried it again and it wouldn't run. It gave me an error saying:


      "Error exists in required projects: bw. Proceed with launch?"


      It then tells me that it is unable to run the project because: File Not Found: file/c/mycomputer/applicationdata/adobe/flashcatalyst/workspace/bw/bin-debug/main.html


      I then tried exporting it to a SWF, but it just exports all the assets but produces no SWF.


      Is this a bug? Is there some sort of work around?