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    How to get InDesign Server instance on IIS Webservice

    sungnoone Level 1

          <WebMethod()> _
          Public Function testIDS() As String

              Dim idsAP As InDesignServer.Application = Nothing

                  idsAP = GetObject("myid2")

              Catch ex As Exception
                  Return ex.Message
              End Try


              idsAP.Consoleout(" Web Service call test success !(VB) ")

              Return Nothing

          End Function


      I can run it correctly on ASP.NET development server, but it will occurred  error on IIS6 .

      Is the permission problem? How to solve it ?

      I also try this


      idsAP = System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.BindToMoniker("myid2")


      But, no use !