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    How do I protect my FLV files? or How to encrypt and decrypt FLV files using AIR?

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           I am working on an AIR application, which is developed on eLearning concept. The application mainly deals with flv files. The application contains a video player component, which will stream flv files from an Apache Server and played in my application. Here my concern is I would like to protect my flv files some how against users who may stream them from Apache Server and use them without my application.


           I thought of with an idea to do it. But I don't know whether it will work or not. So I am requesting for your suggestions and better ways to do this with a sample.


      Here is my thought:


      1. I would like to place the encrypted FLV files at Apache Server side [ Need to know how to encrpt the FLV files using Flex]
      2. As my AIR application send a request for a FLV file, the Apache server should send the decryption key and a stream of FLV file.
      3. AIR application should take the decryption key, stream of flv file and it should capable enough to decrypt the FLV file and play it in my application. [ But I don't know how to encrypt/decrypt FLV files through flex]
      4. I can do encryption of FLV files using Mac Address of Apache Server system and using Java. But I don't know how can I decrypt the same FLV file ( Encrypted using Mac Address and java ) at AIR application side.


      So I would be greatfull If any body help me in encrypting and decrypting of FLV file with a sample using Flex 3.0.





      Sudheer Puppala