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    How do I find plus-boxes to use in a new project?

    Mark Higgitt

      I'm fresh to using RoboHelp (RH X50.1 Build 606) as I start updating our support material.

      Within the RoboHelp tutorials, in addition to those in the index, plus-boxes are used to collapse elements of the tutorial script (Opening a project is one example).

      I want to use plus-boxes to segregate some of our Help narrative. However, when it comes to putting a new project together, I can't find the way to do this.

      It seems strange that the RoboHelp tutorial itself uses plus-boxes in this way, but doesn't appear to provide users the same incredibly useful functionality.

      • Where should I look?
      • Do I need to consider an upgrade?
      • If so, which version of RoboHelp contains the function?

      Thanks for any assistance anyone can offer.


      Mark Higgitt