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    Conversion of video files to insert into Captivate (4)


      Hi All - I have recently got hold of Captivate 4 to create eLearning modules for contact centre agents to work through (in various subjects) part of this involved me inserting videos (of various things like business presentations and use of our complicated telephony)


      For this purpose I purchased a Flip Digital Camera ( http://www.theflip.com/products_flip_ultra.shtml#scene=sceneMain ) as it was simple to use, cheap and fufilled the requirements I had.


      However the files from the camera do not encode properly to allow me to insert them into my Captivate projects. They save as .avi files and to insert them they need to be (correct me if i am wrong!) .flv files. my question therefore is,


      Is there a way around this? and if not - What can I use to re-encode them into the required file extension for insertion?


      any advice would be gladly recieved!


      thx - si