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    Corrupt H.264 (Main Concept) installed by CS4


      Hi,  I'm having problems with the H.264 Codec that production premium CS4 installs, "Sherlock" reports this as having no driver or a broken driver. The straight CS4 install plays sound, but the video only displays half a dozen frames or so, (that is CS4 4.0) if I do the updates to 4.1x then, Premier Pro generates a general protection fault (GPF) and quits.  The H.264 seems to be from a company called Main Concept, but surely if Adobe installs this it should work and I shouldn't have to buy this seperatly !, I've tried several reinstalls, (Clean) to no avail, I've tried installing other H.264 codecs, but PrPro doesn't seem to see them, despite the sound/audio control panel showing everythings installed OK.  I've no other codecs installed and no error's are reported after PrPro installation.  I contacted Adobe support a week ago, but theirs still no reply ( I guess the cost of the software doesn't reflect their customer support), I have to say I have much much cheaper video editing software that works better OTB and customer support thats far more supportive !

           It doesn't look like Adobe are going to bother replying, so does anyone else have any ideas ?