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    Flash projector slowing down

    Mundania Level 1

      Hi there,


           We've built various Flash quizzes and displays for a museum that they are running on stand-alone touchscreen PCs. We have supplied them as Flash projector .exe files and they have installed them in the machines themselves at their end.


           Generally these are working absolutely fine but some of the quizzes after working fine at first, slow down over the next couple of hours until they are eventually unusable.  If they then reboot the machines, the quizzes work fine again for a couple of hours and then begin to slow down again, requiring another reboot.


           We're getting quite desperate to find a solution so any help with this would be gratefully received!  The fact that it is the quizzes (although not all of the quizzes) that are having this problem makes me wonder if it could be something to do with storing the results information temporarily somewhere??


      Many thanks in advance