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    Premiere Pro CS3 Will not open

    Michael Bannon

      New install of PremiereCS3 gets as far as the purple window (loading Dlls etc), never gets any further. Happened with 3.0 then downloaded the patch for 3.2.0 update, same problem.If I press ctrl+alt+del premiere is not shown to be running. I have tried other workarounds that have been posted eg creating new windows user account  and deleting workspace.cfg (interestingly
      F:\Documents and Settings\Nearlyworks.NEARLYWORKS\My Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\3.0 was empty - I created workspace.cfg, then deleted it, still won't open)


      I previously had Cs3 running fine on a Athlon 64 200/Asus KV* deluxe 1gb system and worked fine but getting a bit slow esp with HDV so have rebuilt my system:


      GA-73PVM-S2H Motherboard

      NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / nForce 630i Chipset - onboard graphics, shared system memory

      4gb Corsair RAM (DDR2 800)

      Intel E5200 CPU @ 2.5 Ghz

      Creative Audigy zs2 platinum audio card using Kx project audio drivers


      Windows XP pro (MCE) service pack 2

      No antivirus software


      graphics appearance set to best performance (ie Windows classic look- no animated or translucent windows).

      Screen resolution 1360 *768 32 bit (best fit appearance for LCD TV/monitor that I am using)


      I have done a repair installation from disc, still no joy.


      The only thing I remember is that during 1st installation a dialogue box came up suggesting I did not have minimum spec screen resolution - I didn't take of note of what it exactly said but my resolution appeared to be higher than what it wanted so I just scratched my head and continued.I have experimented with other monitor resolutions (which look wrong in terms of aspect ratios) to see if premiere opens but it still won't.



      I have also installed Encore CS3 (that came with the Premiere disc) and this works fine.


      Very frustrating to build a new system in the hope that premiere will run smoothly then find out it won't run at all.


      Should I uninstall premiere and start again?


      Any wisdom or answers most gratefully received.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          When CS3 is attempting to load, what is the last entry with regards to the .dll's. You have to look closely to see them go by. I've found that setting up a video camera to shoot the screen can help. Just pause your tape at the point that it fails, and see which .dll it's struggling with.


          If you have many VST plug-ins, one of those would be a likely candidate. Do you have any Audio programs, like Native Instruments? PrPro will survey your entire system, looking for VST's. Unfortunately, there are some that it cannot use. These usually give only an error message that appears the first time that PrPro tries to load that one. You never see that message again, even though PrPro still cannot use it. Most are fine and PrPro knows that it cannot use the VST. Others, will cause exactly what you are seeing.


          Now, that is not the ONLY reason for such behavior, but I want to rule out VST's first. Still, that last line will give you a clue. It could be that .dll, or the next one (whatever that is), that is the issue. The .dll could be corrupt. If it's an Adobe .dll, your updates should have fixed it. If it's someone else's, then it could be tougher to track down. If you can get the name, then a search should tell you which folder and which program has that .dll.


          Good luck,



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            Michael Bannon Level 1

            Thank you so much Hunt, that was just the problem, I moved my program files/VST plugins folder temporarily to the desktop and premiere opens fine. When I move it back the problem recurs. For the time being I can do this, and I will scrutinize which dlls are to blame later. I only use the VSTs with FL studio and Ableton live and would not need them with premiere anyway.


            Where does premiere scan for VSTs? is it just the program files or whole computer? It certainly doesn't seem to look on the desktop.. I couldn't find anywhere in preferences to change where it looks.


            Many thanks again,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Great news!


              Where does premiere scan for VSTs? is it just the program files or whole computer?


              Pretty much the whole computer. Actually, I did not realize that it did NOT look in Desktop, so I learned something new, thanks to you.


              Eddie Lotter (keeper of the PrPro Wiki) was working on a script that would "blacklist" certain VST's from PrPro. I believe that he had it up and running, but then found that it did not function in Vista. Not sure what the disposition of that is. You might find more info on the PrPro Wiki, under VST's.


              Good luck, and thanks for reporting about Desktop. I will remember that and refer others to that trick!!!!