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    Software Conflicts

      My conpany has recently started using IBM Rational RSA and appears to conflict with RoboHelp 7. Robohelp will only open partially and then freezes only to thows a useless error. Has any known conflicts between RoboHelp 7 and any IBM Rational software been documented?
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          Linux Rules Level 2
          Welcome Michigan Wolverine!

          Need more info - what is the relationship of your RoboHelp to Rational? Are you writing Help for Rational? Trying to call generated Help from within Rational? Is it the IDE part of RSA that's a problem? Are you using Rational for some type of development source control?

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            M_wolverines Level 1
            I have various other custom programs that I update help files for. I am not using RoboHelp in association with Rational at all. I have been using RoboHelp for several years and last year we upgraded to version 7. Have had Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest for some time on PC but after installing Rational testing tools RoboHelp became unusable and RoboHelp will not open at all. We are moving to Rational ClearCase as our Source control but I don't have RoboHelp using source control. Help files are checked out of source to files on PC which RoboHelp uses as source and creates Generated Help to a different file on PC.
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              Linux Rules Level 2
              Hello M_wolverines -

              OK, RH installed first then Rational.

              The only thing I can think of at the moment is Java. Sounds like Rational set a new path / installed a new version and RH is either lost or unhappy with the version. Check your OS environment variables, etc.