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    1088 Conection Error - markup document following the root statement must be well formatted


      !088 Connection Error received when trying to execute code that is generated via Flex Builder Data wizard Create Application from Database. The connection must be valid because Flex Builder builds the user interface (UI) for the layout and execution of the generated code results in the form with the field names showing up on the browser. The problem shows up when the code tries to access the database data. A search of the internet results in many users having the same error but no concrete resolutions. Can the developers please tell the user community 1. Where is the bad cose? and more importantly 2. How can novices trace this problem? 


      FYI There is a great utube tutorial my Mike Lively tittled Creating Flex 3 Client Server Applications. If only the generated code can be made functional.


      Thanks in Advance,


      Mike Riney