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    Troubleshooting FlashHelp

    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

      Bear with us while we add to this starter list. Items will be added as we think of them and not necessarily in order of importance.


      Please feel free to email RoboWizard or Peter Grainge via their web sites with suggestions.


      How to link to FlashHelp Output

      The following link leads to a number of sources of information. Click here

      Merged FlashHelp

      The following link is often referenced by Adobe Technical Support. Click here

      Note that the referenced article actually refers to WebHelp. But the process is the same for both.

      Browser Issues

      Note that only Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are supported in RoboHelp before RobeHelp 9. Google Chrome is supported in RoboHelp 9 and above. Opera is not supported.


      There is some information at the following link. Click here

      No Navigation Appears (TOC, Index, Search)

      The following Knowledge Base Article may help. Click here

      How may I create my own FlashHelp Skins?

      The following Developer Center Article describes the process. Click here


      The Troubleshooting Guide has links to the troubleshooting tips for the other RoboHelp forum categories.