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    How to run InDesign in background?


      I mean to make InDesign application invisible while processing my script?    

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          Я делаю так:


          If Tasks.Exists("Adobe InDesign CS3") Then
              With Tasks("Adobe InDesign CS3")
                  .WindowState = wdWindowStateMinimize
              End With
          End If


          а потом скрипт.


          А в конце можно ...wdWindowStateMaximize, чтобы оценить работу .


          Но если надо, чтобы совсем невидимым стал, то что-то другое надо писать.

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            dmitry.kalashnikov Level 1

            Thanks for your answer, but I'm sure that in InDesign API should be another way to do this(something like "RunBackground" property). I mean without any system tricks :-)

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              dhishok Level 1

              Hi how can i do this through javascript can you help me for this?



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                Beliakov Level 1

                unfortunately, i do not know javascript so good .

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                  B.O.f.H. Level 1

                  You cannot do this in Java or Javascript.

                  This is because of the Permissions. Java Application can never access directly to Tasks

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                    dhishok Level 1

                    Hi eveyone,


                    Thanks for your suggestions. I have done this through javascript. Buy giving false in the document open syntax.



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                      Passing false in the document open method does not solve the problem. This only means that the document is not shown, but the whole InDesign-Application is showing anyway.


                      I am doing InDesign CS4 scripting via PHP over the COM interface (most similar to VBScript). It works over CLI, but the application itself popping up is pretty nasty (if the script is started via command line). If the script is run within apache, InDesign does not even initialize ...


                      Is there really no proper way to start InDesign in the background?

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                        mtrojan187 Level 1

                        Yes but the problem is that i am not willing to pay between 7000$-30000$ just to convert about 100 files per month from INDD to INX/PDF. This might be interesting for large companies, but not for medium-sized businesses. I want to do exactly what is possible with the normal API, the only difference is that i want to do it hidden :-(


                        On the other hand, 7000$-30000$ is just what google says ... i think that we will make a pricing request in the near future on our own.

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                          Harbs. Level 6

                          Agreed. But, $7,000 is a low figure...


                          The main reason for buying Server is, there are certain things which 

                          are simply not legal to do with the desktop version...



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                            B.O.f.H. Level 1

                            Which might be a reason to find a different method than indesign.

                            This kind of Policy produces 2 things:

                            First: They push Mediumsized companys to work illigal or not with indesign at all if they have some special needs which will be only legal by an indesign server.

                            Second: They prohibit some external Developments or releases because it would be illigal tu use it.


                            Theres no way to start indesign in Background with its own api (this is not 100% for shure but 95% :-)

                            It might be Possible but not by VBA or Java, there are some workarounds with VB and c++ but this is a complete different animal.



                            However maybe it would be legal using somekind of passive server. Means a timejob on one Computer working a set of data in some directory or Database down. It would not be a real server since the jobs starting itself on the Workstation and not by command from another application.

                            Or Make a script which runs in a loop with a time break. In case 1 you have to make your own Atomic.


                            But im really not shure how legal that would be. Anyway how legal the split client and Server in the policies by adobe is another animal too.

                            Its hard to determine whats a server whats not in many cases.


                            lets say you send the data directly to an automated workstation to work on it - is it an Server?

                            if the workstation needs a pressing button thing is it or not? In that case you can use a macro keyboard to do this - is it then a server ?



                            again i dont not understand this policies since you cannot start a multhithread on indesing workstation anyway it would be unuseable for real server applications. you cannot make a hing like a webservice because its simply to slow and unstable.

                            didnt solve our problems but to be honest, im shure bevore a customer with lets say 8 or 9 employes buys a server for 30k he will work illigal (so are back to my beginning post)



                            The Question is if indesign is really needed. today i see many prints going out by pdf... so there could be easier ways

                            take a look on some report generators like crystal reports. for many needs absoloutly enough