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      I am using Degrafa3 and got stuck and serious problem with GeometryRepeater and RasterText. The core of problem is that RasterText's property text DOES NOT want to change its text while repeats but other properties are changing well...check code and please help me cause I need to change text property according variable from FlashVars at next steps of my code:


                <coreRepeaters:GeometryRepeater id="secondRepeater" count="1">
                              <RoundedRectangle  id="druhyRound" width="80" height="50"
                                  x="-20" y="50">
                                      <SolidStroke color="blue" weight="4" alpha="1" />
                                  <geometry:RasterText id="testRT" color="#000000" text="test"
                                      x="0" y="0" align="center" left="0" right="0"
                                      fontFamily="Myriad Pro Semibold" fontSize="16" fontWeight="bold"
                                      autoSizeField="true" >       
                                  <coreRepeaters:PropertyModifier targets="{[druhyRound]}" property="stroke.color" offset="[#FF00FF,#FF3300,#AA0055]" />
                                  <coreRepeaters:PropertyModifier targets="{[testRT]}" property="text" offset="[one,two,three]" />
                                  <coreRepeaters:PropertyModifier targets="{[testRT]}" property="color" offset="[#FF00FF,#FF3300,#AA0055]" />
                      </coreRepeaters:modifiers>        </coreRepeaters:GeometryRepeater>