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    Premiere Multiple Multicam Interview Workflow?


      I have just finished shooting 10 interviews, with 3 cameras each. The interviews will be the main components in 2 seperate pieces with differing lengths and slant.


      I want to be able to assemble my footage in the smartest way in order to edit efficiently.


      Do I figure out which clips I want, cut them out into their own individual timelines then multicam that as best I can and reassemble the footage into the main piece?


      Will I then still be able to make signifiant changes to the multicamed pieces if they've been moved to another timeline?


      I had considered taking the A camera footage, editing that to where I want it for spoken content, then dropping in the other camera clips (also edited like the A footage) and multicaming from there.


      One huge problem I wrestle with is that I am only editing and my producers could decide to make major changes both in content and mood based on the amount of milk in their coffee each morning. So, of course, I want as much flexibility as possible.


      I feel like I'm asking for the moon. But I guess if I could just get an idea of how people normally assemble their multicam projects that would be helpful.


      Thanks in advance.


      Also, should I be color correcting beforehand or when all the footage is together on a final timeline and I can see it all compared to one another?


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