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    Troubleshooting RoboHelp HTML

    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional


      This post contains links to useful sources of information to help you troubleshoot RoboHelp HTML. Bear with us while we add to this starter list. Items will be added as we think of them and not necessarily in order of importance.

      Please feel free to email RoboWizard or Peter Grainge via their web sites with suggestions.


      It would be impossible to cover everything that might be encountered, instead it will cover the most frequently encountered problems. It will not include problems related to the single source layouts or the outputs they produce. Those problems will be covered in the separate categories for each output.


      For example, if you are creating compiled CHM files, you may be interested in the troubleshooting topic linked below.

      Click here to view

      Red squares are showing in my topics

      This occurs in two situations.

      1. Certain javascripts that you have added will be represented by red squares. They should not appear in the output so generate an output and check.
      2. More commonly, it is where you have imported a topic that is from an output from a RoboHelp project or have published your output into the same folder as the source. Cleaning it up can be time consuming. Find out how here.


      I am having problems with my project on the network

      Versions before RoboHelp 10 were not designed to work with projects on a network, other than through source control. Underpinning RoboHelp is a Microsoft Access database and network traffic can cause problems. Often just moving the project to a local drive will fix the problem but sometimes the problem is irreparable. Often when people are told this the response is "... but I have had the project on the network for years". Have you ever played Russian Roulette? Five barrels you can survive so if you keep spinning the chamber and your luck holds, you're OK. If not...

      RoboHelp 10 is designed to work with projects that are on a network. They will not be a bit slower with some processes because of network traffic.


      Problems opening a project

      All over the forum you will see posts advising you to delete the CPD file, some will tell you also delete the XPJ file. Do not rush into that and certainly do not delete the XPJ file in the first steps of troubleshooting. If you delete the XPJ file, you lose information that RoboHelp is dependent on when it rebuilds the CPD file. Without the XPJ file, you have to use the HHP file and that does not contain all that is required.

      So if your project is slow to open or will not open at all, read the full story first to understand what you are doing. Click here.


      Troubleshooting CHMs

      Click here to view the CHM Troubleshooting page



      Trouble with lists after upgrading from RoboHelp 7 or earlier to RoboHelp 8 or later?

      Click here.



      The Troubleshooting Guide has links to the troubleshooting tips for the other RoboHelp forum categories.