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    Text Bounding Box Alignment Problem After Scaling


      I've resized the artwork in this file using "Object>Transform>Scale..." and by selecting all the artwork and clicking and dragging the bounding box (while holding shift). The text always has the same problem, the bounding box and the actual text aren't aligned.


      The text can't be selected by clicking on it, nor by clicking where the bounding box is. The only way to select the text is to click and drag a selection area around both. The text is not grouped, there aren't any objects in the area of the bounding box, any changes made (size, font, etc.) when selected this way do affect the text. I've tried doing the scaling with it grouped and without - same result. If I nudge with the up arrow, the bounding box returns to the text and looks normal. Oddly enough, if I nudge back down to the original position, the bounding box returns to what is shown above. Reset Bounding Box doesn't do anything.


      Any help to prevent, fix, or at the very least understand this is greatly appreciated.