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    Quiz Review doesn't show correct answer

      I have created a lesson with Captivate 3, and have found the Quiz Review is not consistent. For instance, if the user answers a Hot Spot question incorrectly, then during quiz review it shows the message that they did not answer it correctly, but it does not show them the correct answer. (No correct hot spot appears.) But during the rest of the Quiz Review, it will show the correct answers, for instance, for the matching and multiple choice questions. What's wrong with the hot spot questions? How can I make it show the correct answer? Thanks!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Sandi

          I just tested and for the hotspot question, if I clicked in the wrong place, during review I saw a flashing square with a green check mark indicating where the correct click should have occurred. I'm guessing you aren't seeing this?

          Cheers... Rick
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            slwilbur Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            No, I don't see that at all. I'm having several issues (quiz problems), not sure what my work-around should be. For the Hot Spot questions, it seems that if the user answers correctly, then during "Review Quiz", it displays the message "you answered this correctly", but there is no hot spot shown, displaying what the correct spot was. If the user answers incorrectly, then during "Review Quiz", it shows the spot(s) that was (incorrectly) chosen, instead of showing the correct spot, and it doesn't even display the message that they answered this incorrectly. I am considering deleting the "Review Quiz" slide altogether, which would make my Hot Spot problem OBE. It seems like a fine solution since they already have a message telling them if it's correct or incorrect; and for the incorrect, I branch to a slide showing them the correct solution. So in essence, Review Quiz seems redundant and is only causing me problems. At any rate, do you know of some setting that I need to change so that the hot spot will show the correct answer during Review Quiz? I didn't see anything.

            Also, is there a good explanation somewhere of what the Quiz Preferences -> Settings cause to happen during playback? (For example, under "Required", and the five checkboxes at the bottom.) I want my user to have 2 attempts at a question, but if they decide to later jump back 25 slides & watch it again, I want them to be able to have another 2 attempts (or at least one!), but the quiz question is locked since they already took their 2 attempts the first time through. I should mention that I am using Captivate 3 & publishing as a .exe, and the score is really meaningless, it's just for them to see how well they know the material. I have checked all 5 boxes at the bottom of the Settings, and for "Required" I have tried both "User must take the quiz to continue" and "Answer all - user must answer every question to continue." (I confess, in testing, I haven't seen what the difference is between these two.) Problem I'm having with both of these is the course will lock up if they click on forward button or use progress bar to get to the quiz question. Once at the question, it says "you did not answer this completely", and clicking forward and using the progress bar do not cause the course to continue, so it locks up. My best guess to work around this issue is to try "optional - user can skip this quiz" so that it won't lock up. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them.

            I apologize I have 2 topics in here, but the quiz issues are really annoying me, because I'm ready to deliver my first 3 lessons, except for these functionality problems. THANK YOU SO MUCH!