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    place overflow text



        I am working on Adobe Indesign JavaScript. I don't know what is the code i have to use to place the oveflow text,If my textframe overflows.



             // code


      Awaiting for ur reply.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          This sample creates a place for the overflow text to go. The first two lines are for testing -- select a non-overflowing frame and run the script (nothing happens), then select an overflowing frame and run the script (... something happens).


          mytextFrame = app.selection[0];
          if (mytextFrame.constructor.name == "TextFrame")
            if (mytextFrame.overflows)
              mytextFrame.nextTextFrame = app.layoutWindows[0].activePage.textFrames.add({geometricBounds:["12mm","10mm","200mm","120mm"]});


          Perhaps we can skip a few more mails by telling what it is you need --  a complete, working, fully debugged and tested Javascript, written by an expert, or a hand in writing one yourself, step by painful step? To do what -- read XML and parse/place the text, fully automated?

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            kumar1981 Level 1

            Hi Jongware,


                     Thank you very much. It is working....