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    Adobe Central Print Database - Microsoft Terminal Services Session Printers


      Has anyone successfully used Terminal Services session printers with Adobe Central Output Pro 5.5?


      We're generating errors with the mapped network printers in the Adobe Central Print Database due to the dynamic naming convention of Microsoft's Terminal Services session printers.


      The printers themselves are mapped as follows in the print database in Adobe Central: \\ps1227\nty3009; however, as the session printers in Terminal services communicate with Adobe Central it is passing the output device as __PS1227_NTY3009/10-10-1-10/Session_4 causing the following error to occur:


      [2]Error opening output device/file '__PS1227_NTY3009/10-10-1-10/Session_4'


      Has anyone seen this type of error before?

      If so, is there a way to translate the session printer name to the name of the mapped network printer in Adobe?

      Is our only solution to shut off session printing in Terminal Services and script the user's login so the default printers are mapped identically to how they are set up in Adobe Central's print database?