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    How to validate your LCES PDF-Gen install on WebSphere?

    ibm_lifesci Level 1



      I have installed LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 on a Windows Server machine with WebSphere App Server.

      This machine has the Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0 installed. (I do not have Pro 9.0 Extended). (I hope that is ok.)

      Anyway, this machine also has MS Office 2003 SP3 product installed.


      I am only able to create PDF rendition of Word documents a few times (usually 3 times) after which it starts failing.

      That is, from the LCES Admin UI, I use the createPDF UI to select a Word doc that I want converted to PDF. This gets successfully converted a few times. But then around the 4th attempt it begins to consistently fail. And usually when I restart my WebSphere App Server (WAS), this problem briefly goes away. That is, I can again render to PDF a few times before failure. So this is very unreliable.


      I am able to render my Word doc from MS Word to PDF using the Acrobat plugin button that appears in MS Word toolbar.


      I suspect my LCES PDF-Gen solution component did not get properly deployed or something on the WAS. Is there a way to validate my install and deployment? Is there a tool to validate PDF-Gen install - Can the LCM (LiveCycle Config Manager) be used somehow?


      thanks in advance.