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    Screen refresh issue in fullscreen mode

    daskind007 Level 1

      I wrote a Flex application that works like a charm in my Safari browser. It scales nicely when I resize the browser. When I switch to fullscreen, problems begin. There can be many random outcomes:


      1. Sometimes the large image (covers about 80% of the app) is not drawn. I get a white space. All other images and controls draw perfectly.
      2. Sometimes I get a smudged image like this screenshot:
      3. Sometimes I can see the image but the black tooltip that follows the mouse (onMouseMove) causes refresh problems. Notice how the image below the pink overlay is being erased as I move the mouse downwards and left.

      I assumed that it had to do with updateDisplayList() where I resize some components, but it wasn't. updateDisplayList was not called more times than needed and the exact same code works fine when not in full-screen.


      Am I missing something or should I file a bug report?