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    Flex App gets grainy when using LCD Projector

      We have an application built with Flex 3 and when our sales people do a presentation of the web application using an LCD projector, the app looks grainy and hard to read.

      Nothing else shown through the projector looks grainy. The projector is an InFocus W240, not the highest quality but it gets the job done.

      The frame rate of the application has not been touched, and should be at the default setting (24fps right?)

      Does anyone have any ideas, or experienced the same problem? I don't think it's the projector. Could it be the font?

      Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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          Dr. Fred Mbogo Level 1
          It sounds like its dithering the colors down. Flex apps usually need the full 24-bit color space due to the smooth gradients, shadow effects, and antialiasing used. If your projector isn't set for this mode (a.k.a. 16.7 million colors) or can't really display that many colors (as with a lot of LCDs) all these colors will get dithered, giving the grainy effect you're seeing.

          If you can't replace or adjust the projector to fix this, you may be able to dial back some of the effects listed above to give the projector an easier time.
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            JericoC Level 1
            Thanks for the response. However, it turned out that the picture was grainy because my sales person was projecting onto a the white office drywall. When he stared projecting onto an actual projector white screen the graininess disappeared.