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    [Flex Builder 3] Function names no longer show in outline pane?

    PeakDigital Level 1

      I hope this is OK to post here, since I don't see a forum specific to Flex Builder.


      The project I am working on has several functions in a few ActionScript files (not within classes). It used to be that I could navigate to the functions easily via the Outline pane in Flex Builder.  The past several days, though, the outline pane is blank when working on these files. It is really slowing me down.


      FB has also occasionally popped up a message "An unknown item is declared as the root of your MXML document.Switch to source mode to correct it." , when I try to view one of my components in Design view.


      I think both problems started occurring around the same time, when I migrated my project files from my notebook back to my main office computer. (see previous thread at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/465882?tstart=0 )


      I am using Flex Builder 3.0.2005647 with Flex SDK 3.3. My system is Mac PowerPC, running OS 10.5.7.  I have tried cleaning the project, quitting/restarting FB3, and restarting the entire system.

      Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

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          PeakDigital Level 1

          The more I work, the more problems I discover.


          1. Content Assist is usually dead. If I press ctrl+space to call it up, I get an error beep.


          2. It isn't catching some of the errors in my code. For example, I had written a call to a nonexistant function, but that did not show in the Problems pane.


          3. Still getting occasional " unknown item is declared as the root" errors as noted above. Sometimes clicking the refresh button will make it go away and design mode will function normally, but it comes back the next time I switch back to that component.


          4. It doesn't recognize anything within a class I built - can't tell if the public properties and methods are being seen or not. (may be connected to death of code hinting/Content Assist?)


          5. When it does find an error, the Path column is blank so I have no idea which file it is in.


          I have "cleaned" the project several times, with no improvement.


          If any of you can please help me get my FB3 restored to its prior working condition I would be very grateful.




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            idlynn Level 1

            I had some similar issues.  I deleted the project (not the files) from the workspace and imported the project fresh.

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              Ansury Level 3

              Some weird stuff, I've seen it before but of course I can never remember the fix...


              If the above suggestion doesn't work, next I'd try recreating a new workspace and importing the project into it. Or copy the project into the new workspace folder and create a "new" project of the same name, it should see the existing folder and add the project IIRC.

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                PeakDigital Level 1

                Thank you both for the input on the workspace concept. I hadn't ever gone beyond the original default workspace, now I understand a little more about how it works.




                I think FB3 is behaving properly again, though I went through a lot more work than just re-importing it to a workspace.


                For anyone else experiencing these issues, here's what I did, in case re-importing your project into the workspace isn't enough.


                1. Re-ran the Flex Builder 3.0.2 upgrader. This apparently wiped out my old workspace folder since the projects pane was blank when I started it up after the upgrade.

                2. Downloaded the latest stable Flex SDK and added it into the sdks folder with the others.

                3. Imported my project via File>Import>Flex Project from Project Folder

                4. Manually set in Project>Properties>Flex Compiler to "Use Specific SDK", and selected the newly installed SDK from step 2.


                I have to travel again soon so will be moving everything to my notebook and back again. Hopefully it will go more smoothly this time....