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    Lets Talk about F4V.Why or why not to use?

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      Ok, from my understanding, all F4V is is H.264 video and AAC audio combined in flash container that supports cue points etc... I am trying to figure out the benefit when Flash Player can play the H.264/AAC content in the MP4 container just the same (minus cue points). Just what are the advantages (if any) of using F4V over the MP4 container?


      Consider the following scenario. I have a bunch of videos that have already been encoded to MP4 using H.264. There is no current way to get these MP4 into the F4V container outside of re-encoding causing further loss. However, all new content is encoded using the F4V container. Lets say that in a year I decide that F4V isnt working out for me or I want to make my videos accessible to Ipods, Media consoles, or for playback in Windows Media Player in Windows 7, there is no tool to take the content in F4V and rewrap to MP4. All of these scenarios will force a re-encode.


      One of the benefits I like with F4V currently is in the Media Encoder and how it allows the user to use the source input resolution and framerate where as the H.264 option, I have to manually change size and framerate. Doing that isnt so bad when all files are the same size and frame rate but sometimes I may have 10 diffent sizes and manually going into each file and finding size and adjusting is a pain in the ***.


      I would prefer not to use mixed formats but it just seems like using F4V will lock me into the container forcing me to re-encode later on should I change my preferred method of delivery.


      Can anyone shed some light on this?