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    Reader 9.1.2 not printing as shown on monitor


      The attached postscript file creates two paths of two line segments each.  Ghostscript displays the two paths as expected.  The PS file is converted to PDF using Ghostscript.  Adobe Reader 9.1.2 displays the PDF file as expected.


      I print the file (using Reader 9.1.2) to two different printers (a Ricoh and an HP) at my disposal with the current PCL drivers.  Both printers show two extra line segments in the bottom path as shown in the attached PNG file.


      A kind soul at the usenet group comp.text.pdf has told me he also gets the extra line segments with Acrobat 9, but not with Acrobat 7.  See the usenet thread "Adobe Reader or printer driver bug?" for that full discussion.


      Anyone else here get the extra printed line segments?  Is this an Adobe Reader bug?  If so, are there any patches available (on WinXP) to fix it?




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          Same in Reader 8.1.4, using a Samsung laserprinter


          If the end point of the horizontal line in your example PS file is X, Y


          where X = 3 and Y >= 29


          the printer draws an extra slanted line from 0,0 to X,Y, which is clipped, and an extra vertical line from 3,2 to the extra line, which is also clipped (half width).


          The critical value is somewhere between 28 and 29, which is in this case approximately 1 meter on paper.


          It seems that the Reader, or the driver, or whatever, does not accept lines longer than ~ 1 meter, even when they would not be printed as they are clipped in the code.





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            GovertK Level 1

            > where X = 3 and Y >= 29


            Obviously :-) I meant Y= 2 and  X>=29


            This very simplified PS code...


            4.0  setlinewidth
            100 400 moveto 200 600 lineto 10000 600 lineto  stroke


            ...when converted to PDF, has a comparable effect. It  clips at the (right) edge of the MediaBox (A4) minus printer margin (a few  mm) and draws the 2 unwanted lines.


            A similar PDF, directly created  with iText, has the same effect.


            It also happens with the HP DesignJet  1050C driver (large size plotter), which gives these results:


            - the  wanted and unwanted lines are represented as vectors

            - the critical length of  a line is ~ 2 meters (~ 5900 points)
            - the selected page size (A4 .. A0) has  no effect; only the "Oversize" versions of these sizes have a slightly  smaller (!) critical length


            As the clipping occurs at/near the edge of  the MediaBox and the extra lines come with quite different drivers, I believe  it's a Reader bug that causes
            the extra lines.


            (also posted in comp.text.pdf)