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    audio discussion tool. which platform?

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      i would like you to help me choose the "correct" development platform for a project, which starts soon.

      my "tool" should provide following functionality:


      - upload mp3-files to a specific directory on a web-server, which can be streamed later via an audio-player (implemented in the application)

      - the mp3-files can be commented/annotated, which means that during playback users are able to comment "wow thats a very good part of the song". these comments should be saved and displayed for other users. (i thought of saving the comments in XML-files and then parse the XML during playback and work with cue-points...)

      - usability should be high: for example a seek-bar, which displays at which time comments have been made on the audio-file.


      keep in mind, that my application should only be a prototype. so it won't be used in a production environment. therefore the functionality does not have to be perfectly implemented (e.g. it does not have to work with 1000ppl using it at the same time, ...). i would like to know on which development-platform these features can be implemented in a fancy/"easy" way. FLEX or FLASH?


      thanks in advance,