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    SSL Webservice Issue


      Hello all,


      Im running into a critical issue with calling my webservice over SSL. I cant not find a resolution to this anywhere.

      So heres what Ive got so far.


      Flex Builder 3

      AIR 1.1

      CF WebService


      I can invoke and use the webservice over http just fine, but when I change the destination to https it does not work.

      The crossdomain.xml is a joke of a fix that did not work.

      I can load the webservice wsdl in a multiple browsers just fine.

      It just seems to be something either Im missing or AIR doesnt support.


      I dont know what to do to resolve this......


      Heres my code below: (All works with HTTPS)

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---


                  loginWS.useProxy = false;
                  loginWS.destination = 'https://services.heresmydomain.com/Login.cfc?wsdl';
                  loginWS.addEventListener(LoadEvent.LOAD, wsLoaded);
                  loginWS.login.addEventListener("result", loginWS_result);
                  //loginWS.LoginOperation.resultFormat = 'object';
                  loginWS.addEventListener("fault", loginWS_fault);





      Also is this possibly fixed in AIR 1.5?

      Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL