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    receiving a "missing ; before statement" error message


      I cannot see what I'm missing on this one.  This is an Adobe form testing a checkbox (New) and if it has been checked it is required that at least one of the following checkboxes (A or B) is checked. If not, an error is to display on the form to the user.


      This is code in Adobe LiveCycle Designer:


      var BoxCount = xfa.resolveNode(''TopmostSubform.#subform[1].A'')A.rawValue  + xfa.resolveNode("TopmostSubform.#subform[1].B")B.rawValue


      if (new.rawValue==1) {

        if (BoxCount == 0) {

          (app.alert ("You must select at least on Building for Access");




      When running the debugger I get:

      missing ; before statement

      1: Console.Exec



      Any help is appreciated!