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    Any idea why .swf works in "simulate download" but not when Published?



      I have a project where I have a main project which loads external .swfs, and those external .swfs in turn load more external .swfs. In my main project, everything works perfectly when I preview using simulate download, but once the .swf is published it doesn't work properly. I'm assuming is has something to do with my main site Preloader, that's why I posted here. I'm pasting the code here and attaching the latest size report. Any ideas or help is appreciated!


      extLoader_mc._visible = false;

      var yChange = 109.2;
      var yStart = 330.2;

      myInterval = setInterval(preload,100);

      function preload() {
      var current = _root.getBytesLoaded();
      var total = _root.getBytesTotal();
      var pctLoaded = Math.round(current/total*100);
      mask_mc._y = yStart - yChange/100*pctLoaded;

      if (current >= total) {