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    Move effect not rendering properly


      I have an HBox with a bunch of pictures in it. I use the Move effect to slide the pictures inside of it. To prevent layout glitches, I of course toggle autoLayout before and after the effect. When I slide forward, everything works great. When I slide backwards, I see the following on my screen:


      I tried many things:

      • slowing down the effect
      • remove easing function
      • turn on bitmap caching on pics before the effect
      • turning on suspendBackgroundProcessing


      • playing with the HBox' creationPolicy


      It seems not to care how many images I slide, only the offset pixels. When the browser is small enough, I can slide from pic 1 to 10 and back to pic 1 in half a second without any btimapCaching; no problem there. When the browser is bigger (didn't find the exact threshold), sliding backwards, and only backwards (positive x offset), at any speed (tried up to 10 seconds) causes the above bug.


      Did I forget to toggle something else? Please help.