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    AVI question from a Mac user

    Moxie Cat

      As my subject line indicates, I'm a Mac person who is attempting to learn the basics of Premiere Pro CS4 on a PC. Just simple stuff, mainly for a client who needs raw AVIs rather than MOV files (or I could use Final Cut Pro as usual :-) It is just easier to do this on a PC.


      I have what is probably a stupid question. I have captured video in to Premiere using the normal/default DV/AVI setting. I made very basic trims to the beginning and ending of the captured clip in a timeline in Premiere.


      Now I want to export this clip but keep the raw video "raw." In Final Cut Pro, this is pretty simple: just export as Quicktime movie (there may also be a checkbox for uncompressed/full size, I'm not looking at it now).


      But I'm confused as to which option to use for this in Premiere. I am guessing that the correct option to keep the raw video is "Microsoft AVI" in Export Options with the NTSC DV preset. However, there is also an option for "Uncompressed Microsoft AVI," which does alter my 29.97 frame rate and changes "lower" to "progressive."


      As a Mac user, I'm fairly unfamiliar with AVIs. Can anyone give me some advice as to which export option I should use to simply trim this clip but keep the raw video and not compress it in any way? Thanks so much.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Use Microsoft DV AVI with the DV preset. That is the same format you captured. Raw is used in photography, not in video. Uncompressed takes around 5 times the disk space and will not gain you anything, unless you intend to use it for further editing.

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            Moxie Cat Level 1

            Thank you. I sort of thought that was the right answer, but I wasn't sure.


            By "raw," I just meant high-quality editable DV video . . . not compressed. For instance, there is a difference between uncompressed DV Quicktime video and Quicktime videos that are optimized for use online. That was the only distinction I was drawing by saying "raw."


            Thanks for the assistance.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              On the PC, with SD material, the DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio is the base from which PrPro edits from. If one Imports, say an MPEG-2, or a WMV file, internally PrPro will basically convert those to DV-AVI for editing.


              Good luck,