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    Cannot save filters with styles

    SteveKer Level 1

      I'm using Fw CS4 on a Mac.  When I add a Glow filter to a text object and save a new style, the style does not retain the Glow, or any other filter, whether I have the 'effects' checkbox ticked or not.


      Is this a known bug - I just want to save a certain glow as a style...

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          Doug Hungarter Level 1

          I've not had problems with this. What steps are you taking?

          Try this...


          Draw a shape

          Give it a glow, drop shadow, whatever

          In the styles panel, click the little folded-corner-page icon to create a new style

          When the popup comes up, deselect every option except "Effect" and hit "OK"

          Now draw another shape, make sure it's selected and then click on the thumbnail of your new style from the style panel


          Let me know if that was what you were doing or if this helped.