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    How can i check quality of MPEG-2?




      I am hoping to make some videos using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and eventually get them onto DVD. However, i am slightly concerned about the final quality of the DVD. I emailed the DVD duplicating company i hope to use, and they said the DVD quality will be exactly the same as the source material. The problem i have is that currently im using the trial software and cannot export to MPEG-2 until i buy the product. What i would like to know is, once i have purchased the full product, how can i view the MPEG-2 file once i have exported and encoded it?


      For example, if i export the video right now as a Quicktime file, i can watch the video using Quicktime. How can i check the video if it is exported onto MPEG-2? I need to make sure the video quality is good before i place an order at the DVD duplicating company.


      Many, many thanks!