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    After Effects stopped recognizing my OpenGL graphics Card


      Here are my machines specs


      Vista 64 bit - SP 2

      Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.33 gigahertz

      Quadro FX 3700 Graphics Card 512 VRAM

      8 GB's of RAM

      Dell T5400


      I'm running the latest verision of After Effects 9.0.2 I believe. I'm running most of the trapcode plugins, including particular 2.0, but no other 3rd parties.


      Today I was expierencing a lot of crashes, I updated my graphics card driver, a few hours later it kept crashing. I removed the preference file, and when I restarted after effects it says I DO NOT have an Open GL graphics card and opengl is disabled.


      I have made the old preference file active, restarted AE and it still will not reconginze my graphics card.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you!