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    Flash won't export properly!


      This is my issue:

      My friend created this animation for me, i put some text on it, now i wanna export it as an .mov file so i can give it to another person, that he can use as his movie intro! But when i try to export, i only exports 0.5-1 sec of the clip!


      Since i am going on vacation very soon, i would like to get this out of my head!


      In my other discussion (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/468539?tstart=0) - Rob Dillon was kind enough to tell me what the problem was; Apparently, My friend made the whole animation in another clip part called 'sprite 286' which is not the primary timeline!

      The solution Rob gave me: Copy the frames from 'sprite 286' and paste them in a new project (so they were in the primary timeline!)


      My new problem: When i paste the frames into a new timeline, the animation has moved from the center, to the botton right So i can barely see what is going on!


      If anybody would be kind and help me further, i would be very greatful! I have packed the files into a small .rar file (6mb): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FT0D7SVP              -It is the file called "Versa" i want to export


      I am sorry that i posted twice, but i really want this out of the world, and the other post seem to have gone down the list, so nobody would answer it!


      Thank you!