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    Error # 2038


      After Purchasing and downloading an ebook from BooksonBoard, i keep on getting the msg


      "Error getting license

      Sever communication problem E_ADEPT_IO"


      and it kept on trying to redownload it again and again and failed to even open the ebook.


      Trying to add the downloaded book from the \restore\books folder keeps on giving the message -


      "IO Error on local file open - Error # 2038"


      Can somebody help please?????


      Am really very frustrated and disappointed with Adobe! as usual, whatever DRMed or other rubbish reader its using, fails to deliver as usual!My US$30 would have been much better spent on ordering from Amazon!


      Henceforth i stick to MS and .lit format!

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          lindab8728 Level 1

          The error message that you are receiving goes along with a couple of issues that can occur -  We've seen this one and were able to recreate it on a compuiter - troubleshoot it and repair the issue


          1)  Usually when you receive this error message you can check the following items:


               Open the My Documents / My Digital Editions directory - click on the "Restore" folder  - open the TASK folder and remove any "outstanding' tasks

               Open the My Documents / My Digital Editions directory - click on the "Restore" folder  - open the FAIL  folder and remove any "outstanding' tasks


          2)  Make sure that you don't have a Proxy Server / Firewall or Anti-virus application halting your machine from communicating to the Internet -  This is one of the big issues -  when you try to download - if the machine is not getting the full "URLLINK" file which is the core component loaded down to your machine - then the book cannot open - Thus resulting in your IOAdept Error message - 2038.


          3)  If you are clicking "Open" on the document for download and Adobe Digital Editions is not opening the file - try to complete a "SAVE" instead to the My Digital Editions directory -  this will place the "URLLINK" in the folder -  Once the item is downloaded - open the My Digital Editions directory and right click on the URLLINK -  choose "OPEN WITH" - Adobe Digital Editions -  You will need to give it a minute or two - in most cases the document opens up immediately and can be utilized from there on out without any issues.


          Hope some of this helps, if not I will keep my eyes out and see if we run across any other issues with this same error message.

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            anupam.saha Level 1

            Hi Linda,


            Thanks for your help!


            Point number 1 solved the problem.







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              lindab8728 Level 1

              Excellent!  I am glad to hear that it resolved the issue.  I have had a chance to really mess with the installation and try to identify what problems can occur.  


              Glad that it resolved it.