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    SVN support

    ron71nl Level 1

      Hi all,


      A few test remarks for FB4:


      1) Could FB4 please please contain svn support out of the box? It's a pain in the **** that you have to find the SVN Team Provider and the kits and restart.

      I tried FDT3 and I believe it supported svn out of the box. Well, correct me if I'm wrong here.

      I'm aware of some licensing issues, but it should be solvable, should't it?


      2) In the package explorer, I miss the right-click -> Build path options, like the java jdt has.


      For the rest, keep going! I purchased v3 just to get v4 running



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          piercer2 Level 1

          Flex builder 3 does not come with subversion support pre-installed.


          FDT comes with subclipse preinstalled, but this is not as good as subversive (both are eclipse subversion plugins). I think subversive can not come pre-installed due to licensing reasons.


          I would much rather have the choice about which plugin I use rather than be provided with one out of the box.


          What fi you don't use subversion :-)

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            Subclipse is pretty easy to install. I think it's better to leave it to people to install on their own if they want to, since it's really not an Adobe product. I haven't tried Subversive, so I can't tell you how it compares to subclipse, but subclipse works well enough for me to not want to bother trying out another product.


            Build Path, you get to that by right-click and then choose Properties, and it's one of the choices on the left.

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              I also would just prefer to install it myself. Whenever someone starts to force a particular configuration onto me it gets my dander up, in part, because it's generally not the configuration that works for me. So let me decide on that.


              CSV on the other hand is basically built into Eclipse so it is pretty much there by default (it's still a plugin, but wrapped into the base install).


              Bigger issues to get in are things that can make coding more efficient - customizable code templates, snippet panel and the like.



              Mark R. Jonkman

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                ron71nl Level 1

                Hi all,


                I agree everybody must be able to add their own plugins. IMHO CVS is outdated, and superseded by SVN. I just wish that SVN could come pre-installed just like CVS, as it always takes me some time to find the (SVN) Team Provider (Incubation) as it's not in the ganymede update site, and then you have to find the Polarion connector site, select the right ones and install, and restart.

                Even GIT could come pre-installed.


                The first thing many people will do after a clean installation is to checkout their own projects, won't they?


                I understand that there are license issues, and that eclipse can't deliver it pre-installed. But a big party like Adobe could make this happen, can't it?


                I've seen a lot of blogs/posts requesting this, but I'm glad to hear from you people who have a different opinion.


                Anyway, I like FB4 a lot! Keep up the good work, devteam!