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    After Effects CS3 opengl not working! 9800MAC G5 OSX10.5.3


      Okay so I have been using the ****** video card that came with my computer, I did my research and found that after effects CS3 said a radeon 9800 MAC would work in openGL. The card says it is compatable with opengl2.0!


      I installed the new card, installed the drivers, and loaded up a game of quake3 in opengl and it worked awesome! Now this isn't my gaming computer (my core i7 windows 7, 4870X2 does the trick) so I only use this mac for video editing. the video card works fine, opengl works fine (tested in many applications) but after effects says "no opengl card"


      What am I doing wrong? do I need to reinstall after effects?


      osx leopard fully updated

      adobe after effects cs3 fully updated

      G5 dual 2.0

      4 x 1gb of DDR400



      thanks for the help!