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    Help with recording audio


      At work I'm trying to record some narrations for instructional videos. I'm using Captivate through bootcamp on a MacBook Pro. I've tried plugging in several mics (non-powered lav mic, powered lav mic, powered condensor shotgun mic, phantom powered shotgun mic) and the audio just doesn't sound very clean in my headphones (it's ok through the builtin speakers). Basically the voice sounds ok, but there is a lot of ambient noise.


      I found out that the Macbook Pro only has a Line-in instead of a Mic-in. I tried connecting my mixer for video to convert the signal, but it still sounds crappy and adds in distortion to the problem.


      To make the situation harder, I'm going to be out of the office for a month, so the system I setup has to be easy to use for non-technical employees. If I was around, I would have recorded the audio with my video camera and could use something like Soundsoap if there was any issue.


      We've got some decent audio equipment, but I'm not an audio guy so I'm really struggling with this. Anybody have some advice?